Local Works of Carlo Marchiori



Local Works in Calistoga
"Calle de Carlo"

Calle de Carlo
City dedicates alley to honor own Marchiori. Walk back in time of the Pioneer Day of Calistoga in this alleyway through the murals painted by Marchiori.

Click here to read more → map: 1429 Lincoln Avenue next to BofA

Calle de Carlo Calle de Carlo Calle de Carlo Calle de Carlo
Calle de Carlo Calle de Carlo Calle de Carlo Calle de Carlo

Enoteca Wine Shop
Enoteca Wine Shop

Dedicating to ferreting out and offering the finest wines in the world by small artisanal producers. Marchiori painted the whole walls and ceilings to create the unique wine cellar ambiance.

    Enoteca Wine Shop website → map: 1348-B Lincoln Avenue

Romeo Vineyards & Cellars-Sempre Vive
Romeo Vineyards & Cellars-Sempre Vive

New Tasting Room in Calistoga featuring murals by Marchiori inside the tasting room and the painted tiles around the outdoor pizzeria.

    Romeo Vineyards website → map: 1224 Lincoln Avenue

Romeo Vineyards & Cellars in Calistoga                Romeo Vineyards & Cellars in Calistoga        Romeo Vineyards & Cellars in Calistoga

Sharpsteen Museum
Sharpsteen Museum

Documenting the history of the upper Napa Valley from its pre-history to post World War I with an emphasis on people and changes brought by the period of U.S. emigration. Marchiori designed the facade of the museum and decorated it with his sculpture and custom made signs.

    Sharpsteen Museum website → map: 1311 Washington St

Vermeil Wines
Vermeil Wines

A local winery founded by NFL Coach Dick Vermeil featuring the stunning mural by Marchiori on the outside wall by the bridge on Lincoln Avenue.

    Vermeil Wines website → map: 1255 Lincoln Avenue





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Dell Dotto Vineyards Murals
Dell Dotto Mural By Carlo Marchiori Ca' Toga Calistoga Ca

Carlo just finished the murals at Dell Dotto Vineyards and at the New Tasting Room at the Floral Springs Winery both in St. Helena, Napa Valley.

Click here to view the mural paintings


Stoneware Wine Cooler
designed by Carlo Marchiori

Calistoga, California, November 1, 2007
Wine Cooler By Carlo Marchiori, Ca' Toga Calistoga CaCa' Toga Galleria d' Arte is pleased to announce the release of a new limited edition Venetian Tower Wine Cooler designed by renowned artist and muralist Carlo Marchiori. The cooler is illustrated with a drawing that transforms it to a scene from Marchiori's native Venice.
Click here for more information


"Flower Lady" Silk Scarf
desiged by Carlo Marchiori

Flower Lady Scarf by Carlo Marchiori Ca' Toga Calistoga Ca
Made with Thai Silk, Limited Edition of 150. Distinctively Packaged.

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