Greek Temple

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Greek Temple at Villa Ca'Toga Calistoga Ca

Amid ruins and relics, the corner of a Doric Temple is silhouetted against the Napa hills behind the Villa Ca' Toga. The ruins are rendered by the use of recycled rubbles. By now all broken-up pieces of Calistoga sidewalks got turned into Roman ruins. The city brought them to Marchiori free of charge. The more they bring, the more ruins appear in the property.

Greek Temple at Villa Ca'Toga Calistoga Ca

This is a "folly" in cement and recycled rubble built by Carlo Marchiori in a corner of Ca' Toga gardens. It is an attempt to "monumentality", along with the "Trojan Horse" and the "Rhinoceros". These architectural sculptures are meant to be seen from afar as the awesome surprises lit by the ever changing light of day or season. They are homages to classical aesthetics, neo-Baroque and surreal in the greenery of nature with the California hills in the background.

The Temple of Diana at The Villa Ca' Toga Calistoga Ca

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