Roman Pool & Tubs

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Stepping outside and passing under a wisteria pergola past the tomato garden, we come to a cool, 12x40-foot Roman Pool surrounded by columns, statues and bas-relief fragments. In an unusual way, the pool landscaping is achieved by means of recycling large chunks of cement rubble collected from local excavating contractors. These 'instant ruins' give the pool the most evocative ancient reflections. Ruins continue along to an adjacent Roman Thermes where Venus and Hercules spout thermal water from two fountains into large tubs. The water temperature is 95 degrees, directly from 250-feet below ground.

Ca'Toga Pool

Pool & Tubs at Villa Ca'Toga Calistoga Ca

Ca'Toga Pool Fountain

3061 Myrtledale Road, Calistoga, CA 94515
Tel: (707) 942-3900
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